Imam Khomeini once in an historic interview stressed women can actively cooperate with men in building an Islamic society,

Imam made remarks with a reporter of Amsterdam weekly magazine during an interview while Imam was staying in the French city of Neauphle-le-Château.

The interview was conducted just months before Imam's lanmark return to homeland and the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Imam also stressed that he will establish an Islamic-democratic system which would cut off the hands of corrupt elements and curb the meddling of external powers into the country's internal affairs. 

Some parts of the text of the interview comes as following: 


 Date: November 9, 1978 [Ābān 18, 1357 AHS / Dhū’l-Hijjah 8, 1398 AH]

Place: Neauphle-le-Château, Paris, France

Subject: The ruling system in the Islamic republic

Interviewer: A reporter of Amsterdam weekly magazine


Q: [If the monarchy falls apart, how are you going to build up your Islamic republic from the bottom and be certain that those who took advantage of the Shāh’s regime wouldn’t benefit from the changes once again?]

A: By relying on Islamic instructions and enforcing its laws, we would, on one hand, try in every aspect to cut off the corrupt hands, and on the other hand, to obliterate corrupt motives. And we would also oblige all people to immediately prevent any deviation from Islam anywhere they notice it within any rank, from the lowest to the highest. So in this way, corruption would be prevented from increasing, and the corrupt elements would lose any all opportunity. 

Q: [What does returning to the laws of the Qur’an mean as far as women, illiterates as well as entertainment—alcohol, movies, etc.—are concerned?]

A: In an Islamic system, women can actively cooperate with men in building an Islamic society, but they will not be used as objects. Neither do they have the right to degrade themselves, nor do men have the right to hold such a concept of them. And about anything considered as entertainment, Islam opposes anything which makes man feel empty and alienated from himself. Drinking of wine is prohibited in Islam. Movies that cause man’s deviation from his sublime morals are prohibited.   

Q: [What are your plans regarding land reforms, industrializations and selling raw materials such as oil, and what is your position concerning OPEC and the Arab war?]

A: Iran can quickly solve its agricultural problems such that the farmers can have a standard of living in line with others, and also the country can become self-sufficient as relates to food. And we will work on industrializing the country, though, not on assembly industries which have not only caused more dependency on foreigners, but also, have taken the majority of the poor and the deprived into the service of a bunch of capitalist aggressors.



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