In an interview with La Croa, Italian newspaper, Imam Khomeini said in a historic statement that he was confronting the Shah regime and its Western backers were intending to destroy our humanistic, cultural and religious values.

Imam Khomeini said in a press release during exile in Neauphle-le-Châteauthat the US-led Western rulers had been imposing the Shah regime against their will 

 The present regime (Shah and his associates) is intending and trying to crush these progressive fundamentals.

The statement was issued just months before Imam’s historic return to homeland and the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution    

Date: November 1, 1978 [Ābān 10, 1357 AHS / Dhū’l-Qa’dah 29, 1398 AH]

Place: Neauphle-le-Château, Paris, France

Subject: Explanation of Islamic laws and commandments

Addressees: The reporters of La Croa newspaper, printed in Italy (a leftist Christian organization, Leftist Christian Daily)   

[In a press conference with La Croa religious newspaper, known as a Christian leftist organization (Leftist Christian Daily), Āyatullāh al-‘Uz)mā Khomeinī, the national and religious leader of Iran, said]:

Islamic laws are progressive and advanced. We fight because Iran’s present regime and those who have imposed this regime on the nation are intending to destroy our humanistic, cultural and religious values. 

[In this interview, held by a priest reporter, Āyatullāh al-‘Uz)mā Khomeini said regarding the Islamic ideology:]

Islam came to bestow on the people man’s real dimensions and dignity; that is to change people’s lives in social, personal and political aspects and to help them in their spiritual wealth. Islam does have the capability of making such changes. Islamic laws respond to man’s needs; these laws are very precise and clear. Islam according to some particular laws has adapted and regulated the attitude and behavior of every individual in relation to the society. Islam has specified the structure of the societal policies in connection with the religious minorities. The Islamic laws are indeed progressive and advanced in this respect. If Islam’s economic laws become enforced, the country will achieve an advanced economy.

Freedom is one of Islam’s principles. A true Muslim is by nature a free man. The present regime of Iran is intending and trying to crush these progressive fundamentals, as it always has. Another of Islam’s principles is the concept of national independence. The Islamic laws specify that no other nation or person may have the right to interfere in our country’s affairs, but the regime has deprived us of this independence and has given it away….


Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol. 4, page 227



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