Imam Khomeini through his works said that the secret of your victory has been in unity of expression.

Imam said in this regard as following:

Preserve these two issues. Consolidate your faith because you are not a materialistic creature.

Those who consider the human being as a materialistic creature, evaluate a person as other animals. You are a creature who has a materialistic dimension, but more important than that is your spiritual side; you possess a divine self. You have an abstract self.

If you are at the service of God, the Most Exalted, the Most High, then your 'self' will become purged and purified and you will achieve happiness. You will embrace this happiness under any circumstances; with your purged 'self' you are victorious in your defeats, even in dying. (June 12, 1979)

Islam only values virtue and piety. Whoever is more pious and virtuous, has more value before God. (June 12, 1979)

If mankind is self-constructed and perfected, everything will come out as spiritual. Even the materialistic will become spiritual. (June 6, 1979)

Do not think too highly of the West. There is no basis for humanity there. It is the West which is eradicating the bases of human ethics. It is the West which is trampling upon human dignity. But we imagine that the West possesses everything. Now that the West enjoys the automobile, so it ought to have everything. But in laws, our laws are richer than those of the whole world. (June 9, 1979)


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