Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his theological works and historic speeches described selfishness and egoism as the most dangerous trap for mankind.

Imam in this regard on various occasions said as following:

The most dangerous trap for mankind is their selfishness and egoism. We have to free ourselves from this trap and then follow the right path in order to be able to both correct ourselves and our society. (September 11, 1980) 

In Islam, everything is a prelude to making true human beings. If this creature is left to itself, it will ruin and destroy the whole world. (August 31, 1980)

None of the world regimes except the divine and monotheistic ones have focused on the spiritualities of mankind and have dealt with their ethics. (June 25, 1979).

The rebellious motivations of the self (inner desires) will annihilate mankind. Any step taken towards education and training should be accompanied by steps in bringing selfish desires under full control. (July 7, 1979)

If knowledge is not mingled with spiritual purification and the training of ethics, the owner of knowledge will cause more harm to the people than a person who has no knowledge. This person may use his or her knowledge as a sword to cut off the roots of a country. (June 28, 1979)

All problems and differences of humanity will be resolved if the human being's selfishness and animal desires are purified, trained and tamed. (June 2, 1981)

All differences and problems of humanity stem from the rebellion of selfish desires. (June 2, 1981)

Those seeking to train and educate others in the world should themselves be purified and purged before they carry out their tasks. (June 2, 1981)

The main topic of all discussions, the subject of all training and education and the goal of the knowledge of all of the Prophets has been human beings. They have all been appointed to train true human beings. They have all come to elevate this creature of nature from its natural level to super­ natural and up to the highest heaven. The ultimate goal of all the prophets' efforts is the human being. (June 28, 1979)

The Prophets have been appointed for the sake of humanity; for making true human beings. The books of the Prophets are to turn human beings into true human beings. The Holy Quran is the book of true human beings. (June 28, 1979)

The goal of all of the Prophets is human beings. Everything returns to them. They are the source of all deeds, good and righteous acts; at the same time, they can be the source of all satanic deeds and darkness. (June 28, 1979)

All the efforts of the Prophets were aimed at turning human beings into true human beings; to turn a creature of nature into a divine human being in this very world. (July 7, 1979)



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