Imam Khomeini had great devotion towards reciting supplications narrated by the holy prophet and his infallible successors through all thick and thin times.

He was a man who relied on God, who engaged in supplication, who showed humility before God and established a close relationship with the Creator.

Imam Khomeini always used to hold Mafatih—the collection of supplications – all the time even during his hospitalization time and recite the supplication with patience and calm before getting ready for any surgery or heading towards operating room.

In  duas, humble people hope for God's forgiveness, mercy, and attention, and they make lofty requests to God

Imam also used to recite ‘Ahad supplication’ which is a pledge with the last infallible Imam; May God Almighty hasten his appearance.

What comes following is supplication recommended to be recited on third of the holy month of Ramadan.

 O Allah: on this day, (please) confer upon me with sound mentality and acumen

And decide for me a share from each goodness that You descend on this day,

By Your magnanimity; O the most Magnanimous of all those who are magnanimous.



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