During the book week, the Institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works published the collection of Imam Khomeini poetry in Arabic language.

 The collection of poems of Imam Khomeini is one of his outstanding literary-mystical works on the subject of real and genuine love for a true lover; that is, God the Almighty.

Imam’s poetry also includes and other mystical and moral subjects that were written at different span of time before and following the victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Imam's poetry is not only full of mystical terms and romantic points, but also reflects his feelings, emotions, ideals and thoughts and has been closely associated to moments of solitude and intimacy with the merciful God.

It is worth mentioning that one can feel the inner purity of true mystics, the peace of heart of believers and hope for a future free of cruelty and injustice in the mirror of Imam's poetry.

Imam's poetry undoubtedly originates from his spiritual freshness, optimism and hope for life and it has all been inspired from his deep religious beliefs and his great mystical insights and attractions.

At the same time, he is youth-oriented, dynamic, and influential and has an epic spirit, and his poetry speaks of his gentle and lofty spirit and faith and certainty in God's promises.

Imam Khomeini's poems have been translated and printed in English before and have been displayed at international book exhibitions and the digital library of Imam Khomeini's portal with the acceptance of the culture of non-Iranian friends all over the world. And Imam’s poetry is deeply loved and welcomed from across the various parts of globe.



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