Imam Khomeini, the founder-leader of the Islamic Revolution, once said in a historic address that the people are ultimate decision-makers, who have the right to choose their leaders

“The standard is the people’s choice (vote),” he asserted, referring to the ultimate decision-makers, who have the right to choose their leaders.

He articulated a fundamental principle that remains a motto for the democratic bodies in the country:

Imam Khomeini emphasized that it is the people who must participate in the democratic processes, either directly by electing their president and representatives or indirectly through elected representatives who make decisions on their behalf.

This principle has been at the heart of the Iranian Constitution that clearly defines how elections should be held and how candidates – even ordinary citizens – should have the right to join the race.

 Imam delivered the  speech on June 15, 1979, following the victory of the revolution, in a meeting with the Iranian army’s air force personnel.

 Meanwhile, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has hailed televised debates among presidential candidates ahead of Iran's June 28 election, saying they give people familiarity with the opinions of the six contenders.  

The Leader made the remarks on Saturday morning in a meeting with the country’s judicial officials, after Iranians watched overnight the third of five debates planned in the days before the vote to replace President Ehrahim Raeisi who lost his life in a helicopter crash.

Ayatollah Khamenei, however, cautioned the candidates against making statements that could delight Iran's enemies.





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