In a ceremony attended by the Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Vice President for parliamentary Affairs, and a group of religious leaders, the Imam Khomeini World Award was unveiled.

Addressing the ceremony, Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Mehdi Esmaeili said that Imam Khomeini formed all pillars and the foundations of Islamic Republic with people's vote. 

According to Iran Press News Agency, at the first presentation meeting of the minister noted that in the political thought of the great founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the people play the main role in the establishment of sovereignty, while the essence of the Islamic revolution is not separate from other world revolutions.

Iran's Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance added: "Imam Khomeini started the campaign against the social reconstruction plan aimed at bringing the Iranian society into the western modernity, and creating a kind of internal protection against the communist waves, which led to the Islamic Revolution of the Iranian nation and toppling of the Shah regime."   

 Also in attendance were Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, vice-President for parliamentary affairs, Dr Ali Komsari, head of the Institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini's works , several former ministers and officials and prominent intellectuals and religious figures.

 Imam Khomeini  World Award is considered the highest badge of the Islamic Republic of Iran to promote and protect the name and path of Imam Khomeini , the great founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the national and international arena, which is bestowed upon winners biennially in two practical and theoretical parts.

This award is granted to persons who are active within significant areas, pure scientific works as well as influential, extensive intellectual, political-social actions and activities that are in line with the thoughts of the Imam .

The Islamic Revolution of Iran achieved victory on February 11, 1979 (22 Bahman 1357) under the leadership of Imam Khomeini .



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